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Special Mahalo to Tien Lum

The State of Hawaii and its two Continuums of Care have recently changed (Fall, 2015) its HMIS software from Hybrid International to the CaseWorthy application.  The CPC-HMIS administrative support team would acknowledge the 12+ years of service provided by TIen Lum, Owner of Hybrid International and designer of the first comprehensive HUD-compliant HMIS for the State of Hawaii.  Mr. Lum continues to support the continued transition and migration of data from the legacy system to the new CaseWorthy system and is a member of the CPC Administrative Support team.  In the Spring/Summer of 2015, the Statewide HMIS Data Committee selected CaseWorthy after review and solicitation of bids from potential vendors. 

About CaseWorthy

CaseWorthy, Inc. is a leading provider of Social Services Technology to include software expertise, and turnkey implementation services. As the developer of the CaseWorthy application, our goal is to support and enable Health and Human Service (HHS) organizations to realize their missions of creating stronger and healthier people, families, and communities. We have made it our business to understand the inherent challenges facing HHS agencies and to provide the technology, expertise and acumen, and support that will empower our clients to overcome those challenges and fulfill their missions of making a positive impact in their communities.  Please visit the CaseWorthy website for more information.

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